When the weather is bad for as long as it has been, it truly is a reason for Sellers to celebrate!

And why is that you ask? BECAUSE…  just listen to all of the moaning and complaining that people around you are doing. Being somewhat “forced” to be all cooped up in their homes / offices due to the overwhelming snowfall and/or sub-zero temperatures – most people are feeling STIR-CRAZY! How about YOU?!!

When SELLERS ask – “When is the best time to put our home on the Market for sale?”. This is a question that we are asked usually around the final months of a calendar year – such as Nov./Dec. . My response – based on over 32 years of actively selling Real Estate in the Western Suburbs is – ANYTIME is a Good time – However the end of Winter tends to be one of the most brisk times for SELLERS to:

1.) Not only Sell their homes QUICKER

2). SELLERS also have the greatest chance of securing multiple offers PLUS achieving the highest price for their home.

Now you may ask, “Why is that Dan?” Simply put – after being confined in their homes for long, SNOWY winters, as soon as the weather makes a noticeable step towards melting and continual sunshine – BUYERS – cooped up / pent up BUYERS – burst through their homes/apartments and swarm out to purchase just about anything that meets their needs/wants. It’s almost like a starved person – one who will eat just about anything you feed them. They are HUNGRY! Warmer winters don’t create this time of urgency as people usually stroll from their homes on occasion and the immediacy isn’t as great.

I predict Spring of 2014 will be an EXCEPTIONAL TIME for Home SELLERS.

BUYERS – BE PREPARED!! Don’t venture into ANY home before completing a Mortgage application and getting PRE-APPROVED! If you do – you will be making a mistake you will come to regret. Competition will be great for most homes. For the Smart-SELLERS who prepare their home for sale – (taking care to present it in its best light, making needed/necessary repairs, touching  up paints where needed/possible.), AND pricing their home aggressively, these Sellers will receive the greatest benefits of time/energies well spent. These prepatory actions will draw out the highest number of qualified BUYERS while creating urgency to make an offer thus getting SELLERS the best price & terms in the shortest amount of time. A “MASTERPIECE” – and a “WIN – WIN” for both Buyers and Sellers alike!

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