Ask anyone that owns their own building and they will agree – there is a bit of emotion when purchasing their first commercial property.  And why is that?  Investing in a piece of property represents several things.

1st of all - it makes a statement to the world that you are a serious playa in whatever field of endeavor you are pursuing.  VERY EMPOWERING!

2ndly – Say goodbye to absentee landlords.   You want something done?  If you are going to have to pay for it anyway (Most leases require the tenant to either pay for upgrades &/or maintenance) – you may as well get the full benefits out of OWNING IT!  PLUS you can get it done ASAP!  Try locating a Landlord/Property Manager when something needs IMMEDIATE ATTENTION!

# 3.  Grow your Equity position in the Building/Property at the same time watching your Business grow!

# 4. You now have a greater voice in the community – considering that you are paying property taxes, potentially employing local talents, and using many of the ancillary services such as fuel, food and shopping, just to mention a few items.

It becomes apparent that owning your own Commercial Property offers many benefits that leasing can’t provide.  Does that mean you can’t or shouldn’t rent?  Sitting down with a qualified Real Estate BROKER can help provide the key factors that will make this decision evident – allowing you to plan effectively for your Business’ Future.

D.A.A.R.E. haves provided that Personal/Professional assistance to numerous Individuals & Organizations over 35 years of SELLING Real Estate. Regardless - whether you Lease or Purchase – you too will be much better off for enjoying a SITDOWN with “A PROFESSIONAL REALTOR”.  Thank you in advance as We look forward to being of service to YOU.