These past 5 to 8 years have been some of the most confusing years for anyone who owns a home and is considering selling either to upgrade or down size.

Buying a home is equally confusing – trying to decide what is a fair price, not wanting to overpay. Hoping to minimize losses while working to maximize salability/purchase power, many people have turned to Cable Television to the seeming Guru’s of the world Real Estate market to guide them through the “WHITEWATER RAPIDS’ of today’s Real Estate Market. Please understand while a lot of their ideas/suggestions are helpful, most of what they do is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES. Would you turn on Dr. Phil to learn how to treat an emotional problem? Or Dr. Oz to treat a Medical issue you are having? OF COURSE NOT! In any situation that can impact you or your family – you would contact a PROFESSIONAL – IN PERSON - in the field you are requiring attention.

The same holds true for Real Estate. Private consultations with a Realtor can provide an abundance of information and common sense approaches to sometimes difficult situations. The role of a Daniel And Associates Real Estate Professional is one that will allow “YOU” the client to be “EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED” in the transaction whether Buying or Selling a Home or Property. A good sound Professional will remain focused on your wants/needs while guiding you through the transaction/process, without wavering from your stated Goal, providing your family many sound safeguards to protect your interests until the final closing of the sale/purchase.  So turn OFF the television and contact your DAARE – (Daniel And Associates Real Estate) Professional NOW!  Serving West Chicago, Warrenville, Winfield and surrounding communities.