Money is Money – Green is Green – but NOT all green is alike! Don’t be fooled by the Lender “Wanna Be’s”!  Those individuals who do lending on the side - or because they have nothing better to do with their lives…Do you REALLY want to Trust YOUR future and the future of Your Family in the hands of a less than qualified Lender? NOT ME! You should be saying… NOT ME EITHER!  

Here is where a Professional REALTOR earns their keep AGAIN!  MOST Real Estate Professionals are paid on a commission basis, receiving compensation ONLY when the transaction actually closes and property ownership passes from the hands of the Seller into that of the Buyer. Think about it... Realtors have a VESTED / Financial interest in closing your sale! They know the BEST ways to get it done right the 1st time. Listen to them!

At ANY time throughout a transaction – something can go wrong and all potential income earned by the REALTOR to the point where the failure occurs may be lost! EEEGGAAADDSSSS!

Think about this for a second. How would YOU like to labor – taking your own non-refundable time,  making all of the necessary efforts to help someone achieve their dreams of home ownership, basing your family income on the success of these efforts, only to see it fail because of an AVOIDABLE mistake/error.  Real Estate Professionals often Sacrifice personal attendance at family events / maybe even missing their child’s “ONCE IN A LIFETIME” on-stage debut - to help their client purchase/sell a home. To see the transaction fail & their income lost because the Lender was unable to close the sale due to erroneous financing information/actions is just INSANE! Yet it still happens in today’s Real Estate Marketplace.  IT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN!!!

Let me correct myself to say that the greatest percentage of times failure happens is when Buyers find their own Lender - usually chosen because of “Lowest” advertised rates.  Some lenders working on a volume basis – falsely represent that they have the experience and know how to successfully close a sale. They have little sweat into the deal, counting on Volume to make up for these LOST SALES.

Real Estate is a BUNDLE of LEGAL RIGHTS people!  Jurisdiction of these rights are directed by the Governing Laws on a National, State, City/Town/ municipality basis. Your Lender better know these Laws and how they will impact you. Are you that willing to bet your future on someone you can ONLY reach by phone, ONLY when they feel like answering? When things go wrong – Caller ID is a great way to AVOID having to make excuses, or explain failures. Imagine drowning in a lake and yelling for help to a Lifeguard who isn’t taking requests at that moment. Blub, Blub, Blub – Adios Amigo!

LISTEN and TRUST your “Realtor” – a Real Estate Professional who is a Member of the Local /State AND National Association of Realtors, to provide you the BEST referrals of Lenders, Qualified, Capable, PROVEN to “GET THE JOB DONE” and successfully close your Sale… It’s YOUR Future – AND the “Earned Income” of the Deserving Agent providing their services to you …Why Settle for anything but the BEST a REALTOR has to offer?!