Let me start by asking you a question… If it is determined that you ;

1). Need to have a tooth pulled at the Dentist OR

2). You need Heart surgery in the Hospital, OR

3). You would like to enjoy a meal at one of your favorite restaurants…

Would you;

1). Bring your own X-Rays & tools and hand them to the doctor explaining the savings you made by securing these?

2). Tell the Doctor you have found (on the internet) and brought your own anesthetist – and you got him to save money, OR


3). You brought you own food to be cooked – cuz you’re saving money and well you are not confident about the chef’s ability to pick good ingredients..


So why would you come to a Real Estate Agent with a Pre-approval from a bank you found on the internet? A bank YOU have NEVER done Business with. Oh wait that’s right – a friend of a friend of a friend who’s married to another friend told someone of saving TONS of money by using this Lender. You might as well have gotten that number off of the bathroom wall…

Stop this non-sense! Think about it – a sound professional Real Estate Broker (One who is ALSO a REALTOR) will do just about everything to see to it that you are connected with another Professional in the Lending Field – One who will not only provide you a most competitive rate/terms for a loan, BUT most importantly – CLOSE THE SALE!!!  WE ALL HAVE A VESTED INTEREST IN GETTING THE HOME SALE CLOSED. Realtors don’t get paid if the sale doesn’t close… Make sense?

Without misrepresenting the odds – almost 8 out of 10 home buyers who do such a thing (bring their own service providers) – usually end up creating bigger problems for themselves, realizing higher than promised rates, costs, delays (and in MANY circumstances – failure to CLOSE) etc…  Oh sure – the new programs enacted on January 10 of 2014 were created to avoid such experiences – however the real point I am trying to make here is – trust a Professional Real Estate Broker/Realtor, to direct you to all sorts of sound individuals to provide you the very BEST assistance in their respective fields, at competitive rates and better than average results. Lenders/Home Inspectors/Surveyors/Insurance Brokers/Painters/Handymen/ the list continues…. Take advantage of these suggestions. We (Realtors) just want to see you close on the sale-FOR ALL OF US!